When the African savannah runs dry and water becomes a precious commodity, a courageous meerkat and a laid back lion prepare to go the distance in order to avoid dying of thirst. In seasons past, a single mountain canyon provided enough water for all the creatures in the savannah. Buffalos and rhinos stand guard over the only watering hole for miles, and if the creatures don’t act fast, they will surely perish. Desperate, Billy the meerkat and Socrates the lion set out to find sustenance. Upon crossing paths with a rooster named Charles, the pair learns of a place in the Okavango Delta where the water still flows.

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  • The longnose gar species of the gar family has potentially existed for 100 million years.
  • Some of the most interesting animals found here are the coyotes, foxes, cougars, river otters, beavers, bears, porcupines, moose, and even the elusive gray wolf.
  • While only a minority of bites are deadly, the powerful neurotoxins can still be damaging.

Cougar – The North American cougar can be found in the Western United States and parts of Florida. After spartan populations for many years cougars are also starting to rebound in parts of the US midwest. Though the animal is not endangered, populations are low and sightings rare.

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His design was accepted and the Bald Eagle became the national bird of the United States on September 16, 1782. He has earlier killed Otis’s father Ben, but is defeated by the animals near the end of the movie. Charles- The fox with a French accent who leads the baileys skin rescue other animals. Appendix III, about 170 species, are species that are listed after one member country has asked other CITES Parties for assistance in controlling trade in a species. The species are not necessarily threatened with extinction globally. Learn about the work of the Animal Issues Thematic Cluster at the United Nations, founded by Thinking Animals United in 2017, to ensure animals are included in the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

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USDA tracks animal health and welfare issues as they relate to food safety and the production and availability of animals for processing into meat. American Black Bear – The most widely distributed bear species in the United States the black bear is a common sight in trees forests, swamps, and mountains, particularly in the northeastern part of the United States. Though, black bears can can also be found through the midwest, rocky mountain region, and as far south as Georgia. I was honored to be included in the Thinking Animals United Summit 2019.

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Red touches yellow kills a fellow, red touches black a friend of Jack. This snake vigorously shakes its tail as a way to frighten away predators. These dogs love to swim and instinctively know how to swim. These dogs are great around children and are very playful around them. German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Gerberian Shepskies are all popular choices for police dogs.

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They’re also called horseshoe rattlesnakes thanks to the shape of their markings. Due to the mix of genes, a Husky Jack’s coat may be a variety of colors including black, gray, white, red, sable, or mixed colors. Rat snakes are medium-to-large, nonvenomous snakes that kill by constriction. Eastern Indigo snakes regularly chase down and eat rattlesnakes and may be immune to their venom. All venomous snakes that can be found in the United States.

There is no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, to people. There have been a few reports of infected mammalian animals spreading the virus to people during close contact, but this is rare. These cases include farmed mink in Europe and the United States, white-tailed deer in Canada, pet hamsters in Hong Kong, and a cat in Thailand. In most of these cases, the animals were known to be first infected by a person who had COVID-19.